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Paige’s service-learning project

A service learning project that I have participated in has been with the Special Olympics held here in Statesboro just about two years ago.  The Special Olympics were so rewarding and meaningful to me because I was formerly an Early Childhood Education major as well as a Special Education minor.  The Special Olympics was one of the best experiences of my life for many reasons but most importantly because it allows you to be thankful for things we take for granted each and every day.

The people that participate in the Special Olympics are of all sizes, shapes, race, gender, and they all have different illnesses to different degrees.  While these people have been affected by illnesses that alter their minds and thoughts, they still have the most positive outlook on life of anyone that I have ever seen or met.  They are loving and care about each other.  They help their friends and have extremely positive attitudes. 

The people that participate in the Special Olympics have people around them that care so much about them to help them better themselves.  We sometimes take for granted having our parents around and always there for us.  We also take for granted having good health.  The people in the Special Olympics are not in excellent health in terms of their minds and sometimes their bodies.  I never catch myself being thankful for being able to walk.  Such simple pleasures that we can forget are such a blessing and we forget that some do not have these priveledges.


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My favorite YouTube video

This is my favorite YouTube video because it proves to me that broadcasters and interviewers today are not intimidated by celebrities. Sometimes I feel that when I am watching interviews between celebrities and interviewers that the person interviewing the celebrity is almost scared to ask the celebrity anything that might challenge anything they have said or done in the past. In this video Al Roker does not hold back from “reminding” Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt of their poor behavior on “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here”. While the couple tries to argue back with Roker, he continues to bash them and their opinions about what they thought they meant by acting the way they did and making the remarks they did.

While Al Roker is hardly the best interviewer known to man, he does not disappoint in this interview. It gives “average” Americans a chance to sit back and smile with the knowledge that we have someone out there that will say what we are thinking sometimes.

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Hello world!

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