My mother<3

February 19, 2010 paigewalters

The most important person in my life would have to be my mother. As cliche as it may be I love my mother and she truly does mean the world to me. While I have wonderful friends and a wonderful family, my mother is the only person that I can honestly say has NEVER let me down in my life. She is always there for me when I need help with anything and she is always supportive of whatever I want to do. My mother inspires me to be a better person and I hope to be like her some day.

She can juggle so many things at one time and she never forgets to do anything. In high school my mother would take care of appointments for me, run errands for me, and help me study for my exams. While it may sound like she spoiled me and made me irresponsible and too dependent on her, she has also taught me life lessons on how to be organized and keep up with so many things at one time. She works a full-time job and she is a double full-time mother 🙂 She keeps up with my schedule still in college and she knows when she can or can’t call me according to when I am in class. She will send me weekly updates on my younger brother and what he has going on at school in terms of sports and academics. This means so much to me because my brother, dad, and mom all have busy and totally different schedules so sometimes I don’t get to talk to them very much! Make fun of me all you want but I love my Mommy 🙂


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