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April 20, 2010 paigewalters

If you are all following Ms. Groover on Twitter you may have seen this retweet.  When I saw this I was immediately drawn in because I always experience the dreaded writer’s block!  When told to write on a specific topic or just to write generally, I draw a complete blank.  I know I have tons of great thoughts in my head…but when it comes time to put them on paper I find it very challenging sometimes.  I copied these ten tips to getting inspired to write.

1. Look at magazine covers.
2. Browse openings
3. Read your favorite author
4. Retype passages from those favorite authors- teachers YOUR mind how THEY do it
5. Browse quotations
6. Listen to music
7. Listen to smart dialogue- it trains your brain to think conversationally
8. Talk to your readers
9. Close the door- not literally…but write your first draft with no outside opinions then revise with the “door open”
10. Find your joy

I love these!  Writing can be very challenging to some people so I hope that this helps some of you out there that have the same problems I do with getting started with writing!  Some are more helpful than others but when it comes to writing for a blog that has no meaning other than for my own entertainment, I like number 1, 5, and 10! Enjoy 🙂
Something else that I came across on Twitter was this list of 101 simple things you can enjoy every day:
I love this list because while reading it I kept thinking to myself “OHHHH yes I love this…” or “OH YEAH that is so awesome”.  Just the simple things in life can brighten our days!  Some of my favorites on this particular list include:
sleeping in
giving or receiving a genuine compliment
a handwritten letter
waking up in a good mood for no reason
a bubble bath
a glass of wine (or in my case 2 or 3)
THE FUNNY THINGS KIDS SAY (these can melt my heart)
fountain soda (i usually drink water but on occasion I can’t resist a good fountain Coke or Sprite)
really great advice
the cold side of the pillow
Girl Scout cookies (probably one of the most uplifting times of the year to me!)
having exact change
bacon and pancakes cooking on Saturday morning
Call me cheesy…call me weird…I know this is probably half of the list but if you chose to read it you can’t tell me that EVERYTHING on that list doesn’t give you a good feeling inside 🙂


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