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April 30, 2010 paigewalters

This PR class is my favorite class I have taken this semester. I love that the discussions were always open and we always had fun in class. I loved having guest speakers because they were very informative and helpful. They all provided insight into the “real world” of PR and getting jobs after graduation. They told us ways to get our name out to potential employers and some of them told us pointers for while we are still in school.  Some of the most helpful tips that I got were creating a portfolio, what to put in my portfolio, what to say during interviews for jobs or internships, and good classes to take in PR.

I have learned the ins and outs of PR including legal practices relating to PR professionals (copyrights, misappropriation etc.), marketing objectives, roles of PR professionals, the four elements in the PR process (RACE), and the differences in PR versus advertising and marketing.  I always thought that PR, marketing, and advertising went hand-in-hand, and while they are related there are big differences that separate them.  Advertising is paid space or broadcast time and marketing is used to attract and satisfy customers on a long-term basis. Public relations is used to build relationships and generate good will.

The RACE process in PR is important to develop a strategic plan for an event or campaign.  Research, Action, Communication, and Evaluation make a plan run smoothly and keep the goals in mind and on track.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this class and it has helped me realize that I am happy in my major and can’t wait to keep going and learn more 🙂


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