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October 20, 2010 paigewalters

Entry “Sometimes it’s good to stop and take stock” from Tom Murphy-Murphy’s Law

If you have ever caught yourself putting your social media ahead of your REAL duties (i.e. school work, office work) you will have a love-hate relationship with this post as I do! The advice at the end is my favorite part. Incase you don’t make it that far I will post:

“Start with what’s important

Although I am not as good at it as I would like, starting with clarity on your personal and professional goals and objectives is key.  What roles do you play? What do you want to do (more of? less of? new?)? What time will you invest? What will you prioritize and more importantly deprioritize.

Take the first step

Look at those objectives and work out what you need to do to achieve them. It may be a project, series of projects or just a couple of tasks.

Monitor, Review and Maintain

Build a habit of reviewing those goals and roles.  Habits are essential.  Critically review your progress and how effective you have been in keeping on track. (I’ve found workflows like Getting Things Done very useful for building an effective review/action system)

Spot your failures

There’s so many potential hazards. Procrastination, avoiding the difficult but important task, not taking a time-out.

Stop and think about your time and how you are spending it.  What can you stop? What can you do more of? Where can you give yourself quality time – either with others or yourself?

Smell the coffee

Stop from time to time.


Take a deep breath.

Close your eyes.

Take a look around you.

Get off the treadmill and live life.”




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