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November 18, 2010 paigewalters

A social media news release is a form of a press release that is specifically for the online media world. The main reason it is designed for the online media world is so that journalists, bloggers, the public, and publishers can comment on the releases via social bookmarks, microblogs, and social networks.

Pros of social media news releases:

Social media news releases are more reader-friendly and useful.

They can appeal to traditional journalists, bloggers/podcasters, as well as consumers/readers.

They optimize conversation, searches, and sharing.

Through social media news releases the entire story is told through multimedia.

The visual impression of a social media news release is better than that of a wire news release.

Cons of social media news releases:

Because we live in an era where newspapers, radio, and even television are dying out slowly and the Wed is predominant, social media news releases are perfect for anyone wanting to switch from the old to the new. The traditional press release was introduced over 100 years ago. The social media news release is more up-to-date and caters to the ever-changing technology. A PR practitioner should consider using a social media news release when their audience is primarily Internet-based.

I found this website extremely helpful in offering tips to successfully writing a social media news release. The primary topics offered in this “tutorial” explain where to put the social media news releases, how and why to keep headlines short, how to choose keywords, tell a story, what kind of readers to aim for, how to create objectives, how to provide resource links, and how to make sharing and feedback easy.

Another website, Pressit, allows you to register for free and personalize your very own social media news release. You can add a brand logo, include core facts about your organization or company for your readers, add YouTube videos and up to eight pictures, as well as adding quotes. The social media news release on Pressit allows you to include contact information, add social profiles/relevant links in order to provide diversity to your brand, and tag your release with key words so that it can be found again (similar to WordPress and other blogs). The “Examples” portion of the Pressit website are very useful because they not only show you real examples of social media news releases, but they also provide good ideas to include in your own news release.

Tips that I found for writing a social media news release came from Writing Matters by E-WRITE’S Leslie O’Flahaven and Marilynne Rudick:

1) Think modular- It is important to be sure each component of the release can stand alone.

2) Linking- Optimize links for search engine visibility. If your social media news release is being distributed, be sure to link back to a landing page or newsroom at your website. Include links to related information at other pages on your website (similar to what Pressit does for your news release). Link out to social bookmarking and social media sites.

3) Post content in multiple channels- In addition to including multimedia elements in your social media news release, you should post parts of your release to appropriate sites so that they are more visible when searched. For example, post your videos on YouTube.

4) Write your release for online readers- Writing short lists that are bulleted are easier to read/scan rather than reading word-for-word.

5) Use key words to maximize search engine ranking- Keywords repeated in the headlines, subheads, as well as in the text helps maximize the possibility of your release being found via search engines.

For more tips and examples of writing social media news releases visit the Writing Matters website.

An example of a social media news release is found at TopRank website!


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