Week 14

November 19, 2010 paigewalters

This week we took the Poynter’s NewsU Five Steps to Multimedia Storytelling.

1) What did you learn?

Aside from learning the actual five steps (choosing a story, making a storyboard, reporting with Multimedia, editing for the Web, and producing the story), I learned the steps inside of these five steps. For instance in step one (choosing a story) it is important not to think of a story in parts, but instead collect preliminary information that can later be sorted and organized. It is always better to collect too much information than too little information. The course suggests talking to experts, reading, and collecting photos, videos, graphics and maps is a great way to start outlining a project. The course suggests for step two to make a storyboard which consists of defining the elements, identifying the media, and storyboarding the concept. Again, they emphasize avoiding linear thinking (thinking of the story in parts).

2) What surprised you?

I was actually surprised at the biggest “no-no” they stressed-do not think in linear form. I guess I am always wanting to piece my story together not necessarily by part one, part two, part three, but more like piecing them together by parts. For example if I am writing a personality profile I tend to group the story based on parts of the person’s life (i.e. childhood, high school, college, and later years).

3) What do you want to know more about?

I would have liked to seen more information on the case studies.


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