Chapter 11

November 29, 2010 paigewalters

-PR professionals and the media often have a rocky relationship. Areas of friction are based on mutual cooperation, trust, and respect. Specific areas of friction are:

1) Hype and news release spam

2) Name calling

3) Sloppy or biased reporting

4) Tabloid journalism

5) Advertising influence

-Working with journalists through interviews, tours, events, and conferences can cause disagreements on both parties. If one is interviewed by a journalist, it is best to interview them first by asking some of the following questions:

Who are you?

What is the story about?

Why did you call me?

What are you looking for from me?

Who else are you speaking with?

Are you going to use my comments in your story?

When is the story going to run?

-The following are some tips on how to handle interviews with print/broadcast personnel:

1) Determine ahead of time what key point or message you want to get across representing the organization or client

2) Like answers to questions to your key message

3) Instead of exaggerating or telling only half the truth use examples and anecdots.

4) Say your comments within 30 seconds or less in order to be quotable.

5) Saying “no comment” gives off the vibe that you are hiding something, so instead give a reason why you can’t comment or offer alternative information.

– News conferences occur when many reporters ask questions and is usually called by an organization when something significant is occurring that needs announcement.

– A media tour involves personal visits to multiple cities and media throughout a region or the nation.

– A press preview or party is called when a new facility is opening, a new product is launched, or when a new promotion for an existing product is announced.

I obtained my information from Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques: 6th Edition by Dennis L. Wilcox

Link to book:



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