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PR Connection #12

Twitter has completely taken off on the social media map in the past two years. While I do feel that your Twitter page is your’s and what you choose to put on there is your choice, I did enjoy these guidelines found in a blog on Some of the guidelines I liked best were don’t pitch your business right out of the box, keep private conversations private, and wisdom is good especially if it is yours. I love wisdom quotes and quotes that are inspiring and uplifting.

The following are the list of ‘dont’s’ that the site provided:

  • In last week’s article we stressed the importance of NOT filling your Twitter feed with totally personal items that nobody cares about. Don’t greet the world when you get up, tell them what you had for breakfast, or when you’re going to bed. Unless you’re a celebrity, who people actually get paid for taking pictures of you doing those things, twittering on those subjects will just push people away.
  • Don’t do inside jokes that only a few people will understand.
  • Don’t complain about the world. Nobody likes whiners in real life, and they certainly aren’t going to continually follow you if you do it online.
  • Don’t use it as a place for spouting off on whatever subject is on your mind at the moment. Think, then write.
  • Unless your audience is following you because of your religious or political views, you generally should stay away from those subjects. Sorry, I know. You’ll never believe how hard it was for me to not hit the enter key after writing some amazing posts during the recent US election…
  • This is the link to the full article:


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    PR Connection #11










    On I found and article entitled “5 Tips for Creating Successful Marketing/Business & Public Relations Plans”. I enjoyed this article because it gives tips on how to create a plan that is not only best for you and your company/organization, but also ways that these tips can make any marketing or PR plan successful.

    1. Be Smart. Though all three plans will have a different “formal” structure to them, they should all encompass similar items, and be created in a similar fashion: an educated, researched, and thoughtful one. When you create your plan, do so with care. This is for you, and your success, so don’t see it as a chore. Much like driving to an unknown location, a map (your plan) can be helpful in finding and directing you to your desired destination, whatever it may be. This process will, of course, also help you to establish if your desired destination is completely unattainable and far-fetched, but don’t be afraid to be ambitious.
    2. Be S.M.A.R.T. You may have read this online elsewhere, and even earlier on this blog, but it’s worth repeating. When it comes time to create your objectives and strategies, really employ this point of view. (Avoiding this step will make the plan useless in and of itself, so if you don’t plan on really taking the time to develop and create you strategies and tactics, I would highly recommend you hire a professional.) This acronym stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time Bound. This follows from #1, in that you can create goals that are semi-lofty and hard to reach, but still within reach if you can find the right items to leverage yourself. Be aware of your limitations, and those of the universe, when creating your plans. Also be respectful of others that you plan depends on.
    3. Be Comprehensive. Take a look at all areas of the plan that need to be created. When you create a plan for the first time, you need to go through the motions to ensure your plan is built for success. For example, if you create your budget first, you may find most of what you want to do in your plan far surpassing what you’d estimated. Similarly, if you create tactics without first creating strategies, you’re drawing your own directions on your map that may or may not lead to your destination. (It’s like following traffic, not knowing why, and hoping they’re going where you need to go; try to avoid that.)
    4. Get Feedback. If you need assistance in getting these created, then get some! There is a plethora of advice online, and even more available persons to come to your rescue! Find someone who knows PR and marketing; the two are very similar online, and when creating a marketing/business plan and PR plan, their advice can come in handy.
    5. Maintain and Manage. There’s nothing more detrimental to your success than leaving your PR/Marketing plans to fend for themselves. Coming back around to the car analogy, this is like beginning your journey and never filling the tank or checking the map to ensure you are still headed in the right direction. If you’ve gone through the trouble of creating your plan, take the time to monitor what’s happening with the tactics/activities you’ve created. This can be most helpful when it comes time to create a new plan or revamp your existing one. Much like a vehicle, these plans do need to be replaced or repaired. Also similar to choosing a vehicle based on your needs, your PR plan can change dramatically based upon your goals and needs presently.

    Link to full article:

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    PR Connection #10

    A website that I recently stumbled upon (no pun intended) is Stumbled Upon. Stumbled Upon is a website that literally almost contains everything. When you create an account on Stumbled Upon, they will ask you things you are interested in. Now mind you I am no professional at all of the following topics but I listed some of them because I AM interested in them and I would love to learn more about them. Some topics I chose were photography, art, advertisements, cooking, board games, shopping, eating, fashion, Christmas, beer, cheerleading, football, celebrity news, and about 30 others (no exaggeration). Now mind you I am a “newbie” to this website but I am already in love! I can find blogs about particular subjects, find fellow “stumblers” that share the same interests as I, rate websites, add websites, manage my personal profile, play games…I literally could go on and on because this site has something for (dare I say….) everyone!

    How it works (I think)- When you register you choose topics that interest you. When you start “stumbling” through the website, other websites/pages will come up. If you like the website you can give it a thumbs up and potentially see posts from that site again. If you don’t like it, simply give it a thumbs down and most likely you will not see it again! It’s that easy! A website that caters to ME and what I want to see and surf! From advertisements, to blogs I can see all sorts of pages that contain information that just makes me happy 🙂

    If you have not seen this site yet don’t be the last to hear about it and tell your friends. It is surely entertaining and a nice alternative when you have seen all the latest “news” on Facebook!

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    PR Connection #9

    The Atlanta school board Chairman Khaatim Sherrer El has proposed paying an outside PR firm up to $23,000 over a three-month period. The exact work involved or when it will be set in motion are both unclear.

    This article is very interesting to me because I, personally, think this is a decent way for taxpayers’ money to be spent. The taxpayers in Georgia/Atlanta deserve to know what is going on in the school systems that they indirectly fund. Shedding light on issues such as violence, cheating, student/teacher behaviors or affairs, athletics, test scores, or anything that involves the public schools would help improve the school systems.

    The plan is referred to as “crisis communication counsel” and mentioned helping plan community meetings. I look forward to trying to follow up with this situation to see if the move gets approved by the board in December.

    Link to full article:

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    PR Connection #8

    Jackson's kids on Oprah

    Today I watched clips of Michael Jackson’s children on Oprah. All I can say is I totally had the wrong idea of what these children would be like. I admit that I expected these children to be weird and misunderstood. I was so wrong. They are courageous, smart, and mature. They spoke so highly of their father and at times I got teary-eyed and they did not. I can’t imagine what their lives have been like with the media constantly swarming them since they were born and I certainly can’t imagine what a whirlwind the past year and a half has been for them. Some people may think it is not politically correct to make such comparisons but I will take my chances–I remember everything about finding out that Michael Jackson was dead as well as I remember where I was and what I was doing when I found out about the 9/11 attacks. This man was and is such a huge icon! His children have every right to gush about how they thought he made the best breakfast in the world. That shows such a unique side to him that we all forgot existed. We have let the media paint this picture of Michael Jackson as a child molester and just all-around kind of creepy guy. This interview with his children bring back the reality and gravity of the situation. I hope you all enjoy reading this and watching the video as much as I did.


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    PR Connection #7

    I think that it is important for celebrities to use their status and power as a way to raise awareness for causes they believe in. Even if I don’t agree with the causes they are supporting or promoting I think it is GREAT that they are just trying to make a difference in general. This article discusses David Arquette raising awareness about a greenhouse emission law.


    David Arquette

    The recently separated actor was in downtown Sacramento Tuesday to urge Californians to vote against Prop 23, which would suspend a state law mandating that greenhouse gas emissions be brought back to their 1990 levels by 2020.

    Arquette, campily clad in an American-flag-printed karate outfit, also introduced the video he made to help get the point across, “Don’t Mess With California.”

    When asked whether his personal life might be a distraction from the message, he admitted “that was a thought.”

    “But my belief,” Arquette said, “is that the most important aspect of celebrity is you can raise awareness, lend your name and support to certain things and get people talking. And that’s why I’m here.”

    Other famous No-on-Prop-23ers include James Cameron, who pledged $1 million to the campaign earlier this month; Robert Redford, whose voice can be heard on automated phone calls urging voters to shut it down; and Edward James Olmos, who starred in an ad produced by the National Resources Defense Council.

    Article link:

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    PR Connection #6

    With my love for clothing and fashion I stumbled across this blog and couldn’t help but share! Particularly I love this blog post because it interviews fashion PR interns in L.A. If you have any interest in fashion or pursuing a career in PR fashion you will LOVE this post/interview like I did!


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    PR Connection #5

    Entry “Sometimes it’s good to stop and take stock” from Tom Murphy-Murphy’s Law

    If you have ever caught yourself putting your social media ahead of your REAL duties (i.e. school work, office work) you will have a love-hate relationship with this post as I do! The advice at the end is my favorite part. Incase you don’t make it that far I will post:

    “Start with what’s important

    Although I am not as good at it as I would like, starting with clarity on your personal and professional goals and objectives is key.  What roles do you play? What do you want to do (more of? less of? new?)? What time will you invest? What will you prioritize and more importantly deprioritize.

    Take the first step

    Look at those objectives and work out what you need to do to achieve them. It may be a project, series of projects or just a couple of tasks.

    Monitor, Review and Maintain

    Build a habit of reviewing those goals and roles.  Habits are essential.  Critically review your progress and how effective you have been in keeping on track. (I’ve found workflows like Getting Things Done very useful for building an effective review/action system)

    Spot your failures

    There’s so many potential hazards. Procrastination, avoiding the difficult but important task, not taking a time-out.

    Stop and think about your time and how you are spending it.  What can you stop? What can you do more of? Where can you give yourself quality time – either with others or yourself?

    Smell the coffee

    Stop from time to time.


    Take a deep breath.

    Close your eyes.

    Take a look around you.

    Get off the treadmill and live life.”



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    PR Connection #4

    Lindsay Lohan and Shawn Chapman Holley

    Have you ever wondered about the people that are not involved in the glamorous side of celebrity legal scandals? I often times forget that celebrities don’t just walk into court in front of judges by themselves and rely on their good looks and reputation to get their sentencing! I can’t imagine the drama that they have to deal with! Whiney celebrities that think they should get away with everything, endless hours of trying to prove their client’s innocence….sounds like a typical day at the office for a lawyer. However this article focuses in on Lindsay Lohan’s lawyer, her credentials, and talent at what she does. This was a very long article but VERY interesting so I hope if you read you enjoy 🙂

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    PR Connection #3


    Naomi Campbell, 40 year old supermodel and mother, recently converted to Kabbalah. I personally am not familiar with this practice or the beliefs that the people that practice Kabbalah have. I have heard this term so many times in celebrity news because major celebrities such as Madonna, Demi Moore, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Rihanna, and Victoria Beckham have been linked to this form of religion.

    The US Weekly article says this:

    “How is Naomi Campbell taming her infamous temper? The 40-year-old supermodel says she’s turned to Kabbalah (practiced by celebrities such as Madonna andDemi Moore) to harness her rage. “What you can change is yourself and the type of energy you put into yourself. That you can change. I study Kabbalah because it takes me to a positive, calm place,” she tells Interview. “I’ve been in and out of Kabbalah since around 2000…I don’t know if I’ve been pronouncing everything right, but I’ve been practicing.”

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