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Week 14

This week we took the Poynter’s NewsU Five Steps to Multimedia Storytelling.

1) What did you learn?

Aside from learning the actual five steps (choosing a story, making a storyboard, reporting with Multimedia, editing for the Web, and producing the story), I learned the steps inside of these five steps. For instance in step one (choosing a story) it is important not to think of a story in parts, but instead collect preliminary information that can later be sorted and organized. It is always better to collect too much information than too little information. The course suggests talking to experts, reading, and collecting photos, videos, graphics and maps is a great way to start outlining a project. The course suggests for step two to make a storyboard which consists of defining the elements, identifying the media, and storyboarding the concept. Again, they emphasize avoiding linear thinking (thinking of the story in parts).

2) What surprised you?

I was actually surprised at the biggest “no-no” they stressed-do not think in linear form. I guess I am always wanting to piece my story together not necessarily by part one, part two, part three, but more like piecing them together by parts. For example if I am writing a personality profile I tend to group the story based on parts of the person’s life (i.e. childhood, high school, college, and later years).

3) What do you want to know more about?

I would have liked to seen more information on the case studies.


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Week Eleven–Infographics

So, what are infographics? Information graphics, or infographics for short, quickly and clearly explain a large amount of information. Lisa Angelettie’s blog explaining infographics refers to The Mint website because it uses infographics really well, and I certainly agree with her (go see for yourself!!). Inforgraphics display/portray facts and complicated matters such as figure estimates. They use symbols and are primarily used to keep things simple, clear and understandable. Infographics are in the form of charts and graphs. The Cool Infographics website also shows many different ways infographics can be used. They can show populations, opinions, voting patterns and interests. One can create an inforgraphic by making a chart or graph on Microsoft Word or PowerPoint.

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Week Ten

From the Dashboard site on WordPress a PR Practitioner can learn how many hits/visits their website is getting, how many posts/comments they have had on their site, and how many categories they have. The Site stats page shows how much activity you had on specific days, shows the busiest day on your site, how many views you have had each day and how many clicks and referrers you have had. Luckily, they don’t count your own visits to your site because that would provide very inaccurate numbers. You can see your all-time views (I have 213..which is not exactly the epitome of popularity!).

Another feature on the Dashboard that I like is being able to see the tags I have in my blog posts. I can see my comments and subscriptions. I could just go on and on. It is really convenient how you can track (literally) every move you make on your own blogs as well as other people’s blogs on WordPress!

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TOW Week 9

PR Open Mic is amazing! It includes all things PR from blogs from PR students and professionals, to forum discussion boards, to videos related to PR and (my personal favorite) a section for Jobs and Internships! I love that I can filter through members of the website by picking between teachers, students, practitioners, and friends. In the ‘Forums” section I found a post that was discussing volunteer work for PR. I appreciated the post because I would love to get involved in PR volunteering, but I am not sure where to start. The posts replying gave great advice about being up front with organizations and realistic about the amount of time you can/are willing to spend volunteering. (Link to the post:

I also found a picture that warmed my heart and made me smile when I saw it. It is not really anything special, but I love this time of the year and I appreciate the small things in life so this sunrise/snow picture is precious to me. (Link to photo:

I am in the process of looking for an internship to do next summer so I took some time to visit the Internship Search page. Although none in the Atlanta area truly appealed to me I still appreciated this area being included because it does open more options to me. The only internship in Atlanta that I found semi-appealing was this one:


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Tweet Tweet!

Twitter has been more than a wonderful experience for me. That may sound ridiculous to some people but I thoroughly enjoy Twitter and following not only my friends, but also celebrities and people I have never met and may not ever be able to meet. Twitter is wonderful for following businesses and finding out about their special deals, sales, events, or other promotions they have going on!  Many businesses are starting to offer contests and giveaways through Twitter and you can win by just tweeting back to them. I think Twitter is great for businesses because it allows them to see who is following them and who can see what is going on in their company.  They can easily get feedback from people on Twitter just by simply asking them questions (of course no more than 140 characters). I hope that the 140 character is never extended because I think that is just enough to get your point across without having to write a long message and taking up too much page space.

My favorite parts about Twitter are, like I said, being able to follow celebrities and see what they are up to. I also enjoy that they Tweet random photos of what they are doing, where they are, what they’re eating, who they’re with…you get the idea. But another aspect of Twitter I like is the Trending Topics List. I can see what is popular in the Atlanta area (which carries over to the whole state of course).  Sometimes I create my own trending topic because I just like being an individual like that 😉

I would find value in continuing my Twitter account because I can follow my friends and see what they are up to on a regular basis without having to text them and I can also follow people in my classes and stay acquainted with them in case we ever wanted to study together.

Link my Twitter account:

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Cleaning Your Copy

Last week we had to take the NEWS U Cleaning Your Copy Course. The Cleaning Your Copy course is exactly what it says it is. It is an instructional course that helped me (and I am sure my other classmates) polish up on our copy editing skills such as grammar, style, punctuation, and spelling. From this course I did not particularly learn any new material, but rather new ways to remember when to use who/whom, lie/lay, laid/lain, misplaced modifiers and things of that nature. It is always helpful to have new ways to check behind yourself in copy editing so that you don’t make or miss any mistakes. I was surprised at the fact that I could learn more ways to remember copy editing rules. You would think that when you learn how to remember something that there is no need to learn anything else, but I found it extremely helpful to have new ways to decipher between who/whom, lie/lay, etc. I was also surprised that I needed to brush up on my punctuation skills because I did not do as well as I thought I should have. By the end of the course though, I was refreshed and remembered most of the things I momentarily forgot. I was not surprised that I did best on the spelling portion because I have always been a fairly strong speller! However it was nice to polish up on some words that are sometimes confusing such as stationary and stationery. I would like to know more about addresses, numbers/ages, and dates in sentence structures. I know the rules but I still seem to get confused on days and months that should be abbreviated, when hyphens should be inserted in ages, and what part of addresses are okay to abbreviate.

NewsU Cleaning Your Copy Course Link:

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Comments on Blogs

I feel that comments on blogs are not only important, but they are also very rewarding. Seeing that someone agrees with you or supports your opinion, or even disagrees, is meaningful for one reason–they are reading what you think and they understand you. I love logging on to my blog and seeing that I have a comment. Comments on a blog keep people encouraged to keep blogging and sharing their ideas. If comments were not allowed I am not sure I would see the point in blogs. Blogs are all about sharing ideas, thoughts and opinions. What would a post on a blog be if no one could share their thoughts on the post? The key to an effective blog comment is being courteous. It is always okay to share your opinion, but it is important to be respectful of others’ opinions while sharing your own. Typing in all caps, for example, is the equivalent of yelling and does not always send a positive message. Typing in all caps does not necessarily send a negative message, but generally it is not positive. Personally, I do not like long comments because I feel like the person writing the comment is trying to out-do my own blog post. However those are just my personal feelings on blog comments. In general I would just say be courteous and respectful in blog comments.

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